Each campaign is different, but the general requirements include having a car, being able to cover around 1000 km per week, and having a clean driving record.


You can reject the campaign if you find it doesn’t fit well with you.

All kinds of vehicles except tractors, excavators, and special construction machines.


No information is public. We try as much as possible not to even include the registration numbers of the vehicles of our advocates and partners.

Selected advocates and partners  for a given campaign will be directed to a workshop where installation and removal will be done, including a time schedule to avoid wastage of time.

This depends on the size of the vehicle and the amount of wrap. Depending on the campaign, you will be informed how long it will take for a particular activity to be completed. There is a possibility of getting the second vehicle to use while installation or removal is done.


This is unlikely, but in case it happens, Mainosrata will take care of the damage.

Notify us immediately via email at support@mainosrata.com.

Requirements differ between campaigns. You will be notified about the requirements, provided your profile fits and there are open slots available.

Inform us immediately via email at support@mainosrata.com.


It’s important that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can take action to mitigate any damages caused. Failing to notify us of an accident, incident, or altercation may result in your early removal from the campaign in serious circumstances.


In rare cases, yes, when you fail to meet certain terms and conditions of the campaigns.