MainosRata strives to deliver goods that both live up to client expectations and the requirements listed on our website. In the odd event that your or our expectations are not reached, we ask that you write to us right away with pictures and a detailed description of the issue, and we will make every attempt to come to a quick and amicable conclusion.

The artwork for all of our signage is custom printed with customer approval prior to printing, thus it is crucial that you carefully choose your product and review your artwork. Furthermore, you should be aware that the artwork proof’s colors are inaccurate when they are presented on your screen. The way that colors appear on various computer displays and how they print on various printers and materials will vary. If a color is crucial, it is imperative that a Pantone (PMS) color be specified before the artwork proof is authorized so we can try to get the greatest possible color match.

Please take note of the information about colors in the paragraph above. MainosRata will correct or replace any products that are found to be defective within the warranty term specified on our website, are not as described on our website, or are not as represented on the authorized artwork proof.


1:If you submit a warranty claim and MainosRata receives images of the problem, the company will:

  1. If MainosRata is contacted within 14 days of the customer receiving the goods, it will either:
  2. a) arrange and pay for the return of the items for repair, then repair the goods and return them at no cost to the customer; or b) replace the goods at no cost to the customer. In the event that MainosRata requests the return of the items, MainosRata will make the necessary arrangements and provide the necessary funds.

2:If the buyer notifies us after 14 days of receiving the goods:

  1. a) Demand that the consumer pay the expense of returning the items to MainosRata. Next, MainosRata will make the necessary repairs or replacements and return the items at no cost to the consumer.

In the event of a warranty claim, the extent of our responsibility is restricted to the price of fixing or replacing the products. Any related expenses that the client incurs as a result of a warranty claim are not the responsibility of MainosRata.

 This covers, among other things, the price of erecting the signage that is the focus of the warranty claim. Prior to scheduling the installation of the signs, it is crucial that all signage be thoroughly examined upon receipt and authorized or refused by the customer.