Design of Marketing Materials

MainosRata works with various customers ranging from individuals to companies to design marketing materials of their choice.

What we need from a client is an idea and we will convert the idea into marketing materials such as Logos and slogans, Brochures, Flyers, Business cards, Infographics, and posters.


We print customers’ work in various materials, colors,s, and textures. 

No printing work is too small or too complicated for us. We print on vinyl materials, normal papers, cardboard, canvas, and normal fabric materials according to the customer’s needs.

Printing and Wrapping

For your need of floor stickers, product showcasing stickers, on item stickers (fridge stickers, laptop stickers, etc), get a quote and we will print and install the printout.


We are specialsed wrapping experts from vehicles to windows, doors and many other surfaces.


Contact us for any graphic design and printing-related work. We are delighted to work with your brands