How do I create ads and promo campaigns for my brands using MainosRata services?

By contacting us via email at or Get a Quote

How many fleets of vehicles is enough for a campaign?

This depends on the budget available,targeted audience and length of the campaign. Our team recommends 3 fleets and above for the best results.

Can small businesses get a fleet to advertise with your partners?

Mainosrata is open to all brands and encourages small and medium sized business to use special offers available for them.

For how long does a particular campaign last?

There is no minimum or maximum campaign period. We recommend our clients to subscribe at least for a month to reap fully the value for money.

Is it possible to target only a certain city or location?

Yes, we’re able to guarantee supply for any campaign in any location.

Is it possible to have a different design for the same campaign?

Yes, and in this way brands reduce their printing and installation costs. Planning and estimating future campaigns in advance is the best way to be smart with  budget.

How do I match with the right partners for my campaign?

Mainosata will recommend the right partners for your campaign among many available.

What will happen if the wrap is damaged before the end of the campaign period?

This is unlikely, but in case it happens, we will re-wrap as soon as possible  and continue with the campaign.

What if the partner is unable to continue with the campaign ?

This is unlikely as we negotiate with partners before starting the campaign. For unforeseen circumstances,  we will change the advocate and run the campaign accordingly.

Who is responsible for the visibility of the wrap and cleanliness of the vehicle?

Our partners love their vehicles the same way they love the brands they work for. It is our responsibility to ensure the audience doesn’t struggle to get the message.

Does MainosRata provide the design as well?

Absolutely, we advise,  design, print, and wrap the materials in vehicles chosen for the campaign.We also accept ready prepared materials from brands interested in advertising with us.