How does it work?

  • In order to become an advocate or partner, one must register and fulfill the general requirements.
  • You will receive a notification that you are our partner once registration is complete.
  • Once appropriate campaigns are available, advocates will be contacted.
  • An offer may be accepted or rejected by the advocate. The specific campaign’s terms and conditions will always be disclosed during the early stages.
  • Wash your automobile, then drive it to the designated wrapping shop. In some circumstances, particularly in severe weather, washing can also be done in a wrapping workshop.
  • Once the wrapping is complete, proceed as usual on the road.
  • Make sure the automobile is spotless and the wrap is maintained.
  • Get paid
  • Wait for the next campaign 
  • Maintain the wrap by keeping the vehicle tidy and the wrap in good condition.



Degree of wrap and the income it generates per month

  1. Side panels 200€
  2. Rear and Front 200€
  3. Full wrap 600€
  4. Partial wrap 300€
  • Payments for short term campaigns are different from those above
  • There is a possibility of extra bonus from photoshoot for brands social media display or special campaigns
  • Extra 100 per month if you drive on natural gas or 100% electricity

Terms and Conditions for our partners

  • You need to hit the kilometre target to be able to get campaign earnings. Otherwise, your income will be impacted.
  • Your income will be impacted if there is a breakdown, driving ban, or accident that disrupts the campaign.
  • You are accountable as a partner for the readability of the message you are spreading. Maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle.
  • During each campaign, a screening process for suitable partners will be carried out.